Outdoor Coffee Table

Simple Outdoor Coffee Table
Rattan Outdoor Patio Coffee TableDIY Outdoor Coffee TablePallet Outdoor Coffee Table with WheelsOutdoor Coffee Table with Firepit

Outdoor coffee tables are a category of furniture that has increased resistance to adverse environmental conditions, in particular – to moisture, solar radiation and dust. A variety of styles, materials and colors allows you to choose the most suitable solution for any business, no matter if is a restaurant with a classic interior or a vibrant youth café. The outdoor rattan coffee table looks stylish and elegant. Artificial rattan allows you to create truly original […]

Rattan Coffee Table

Rattan Coffee Table with Storage
Rattan Coffee Table with DrawerRound Rattan Coffee TableRattan Coffee Table TrunkElegant Rattan Coffee Table

Rattan coffee table is an original art object capable of decorating the room, setting the tone and style of interior solutions, making the surrounding space original and kind of unique. For a city apartment this piece of wicker furniture will become a special chic, changing mood and life principles, in a country house – part of architectural polyphony, acting as a central exposition. The coffee table made of rattan has two main functions: decorative and […]

Fold out Coffee Table

Unique Fold out Coffee Table
Fold out Coffee Table FurnitureConvertible Fold out Coffee TableModern Fold Out Coffee TableFold out Coffee Table with Lift Top

It is possible to solve lack of space problem in standard apartment by usage of multipurpose furniture. Tables-transformers for living room or kitchen, which allow getting a high-grade dining table, have already firmly taken their place in the interior of the city apartments. The coffee tables-transformers in their functions and purposes can be divided into several types. The fold out coffee table is hardly noticeable; when it is folded, it occupies a minimum of the […]

Coffee Table with Drawers

Vintage Coffee Table with Drawers
Wooden Coffee Table with DrawersClassic Coffee Table with DrawersRectangular Coffee Table with DrawersVintage Coffee Table with Drawers

Designers certainly use a coffee table for furnishing living rooms, in the interiors of bedrooms and even with the arrangement of loggias. This piece of furniture really brings comfort to the environment and adds functionality to its appeal. Some types of coffee tables are so unusual that in parallel with the main purpose they serve as a place for sitting. The surface of such models has soft upholstery made of dense fabrics, leather or alternative […]

Vintage Coffee Table

French Vintage Coffee Table
Elegant Vintage Coffee TableVintage Painted Coffee TableOriginal Vintage Coffee TableLovely Vintage Coffee Table

Recent years, the world was taken by a new trend in the fashion world – vintage. The word “vintage” appeared in our lexicon from the French language, where it originally belonged to a high-quality wine with a long exposure. Vintage in the interior design is a certain trend, which combines in the interior of old and modern things. Vintage things are not just old objects, they are things that carry the spirit of the past, […]

Narrow Coffee Table

Narrow Coffee Table Idea
Kinetic Narrow Coffee TableWhite Narrow Coffee TableElegant Narrow Coffee TableProvence Narrow Coffee Table

Despite the fact that a coffee table can be used in different ways – for a tea party, like a serving table, for coffee or placing on it books, magazines, candy and flower vases, and other small items, its main function is still decorative . Due to narrow coffee table small size and the most diverse design solutions, the tables become an elegant addition, giving the room a certain charm. In addition, the coffee table […]

Granite Coffee Table

Framed Granite Coffee Table
Coffee Table with Granite TopFramed Granite Coffee TableShaped Granite Coffee TableWooden Base Coffee Table with Granite Top

Granite, like glass, is the ideal material for the interior and decor of the living room, dining room or kitchen. Although recently the preference is still given to the first option, since such surfaces are easy to install and convenient to use, while they also look luxurious. The granite coffee table has its charm. It is associated with elegance and refinement. Today, many more and more often use granite coffee tables in the interior of […]

Modern Glass Coffee Table

Original Modern Glass Coffee Table
Futuristic Modern Glass Coffee TableRound Modern Glass Coffee TableModern Glass and Mirror Coffee TableModern Glass and Walnut Coffee Table

Modern glass coffee tables always look weightless, much less bulky compared to standard plastic or traditional wooden structures. They are relevant in the case when you need visually “unload” the space – especially if the area of the room is limited. Glass dining tables, as a rule, have a combined design. Most often chrome or forged metal, wooden, wicker, stone or plastic materials are used for the substructure and legs. A frame for glass can […]

Cherry Coffee Table

Polished Cherry Coffee Table
Coopered Cherry Coffee Table with Glass TopCherry Coffee Table Design IdeasSimple Cherry Coffee TableGorgeous Cherry Coffee Table Set

When buying furniture made of solid wood it is difficult to determine the specific breed, because each has its own merits and demerits. Cherry is the best option in terms of matching the basic properties and characteristics of the price – the material. Cherry wood is a very durable and practical material widely used for furniture and parquet manufacture. Similar in color to mahogany, cherry furniture has always been considered a symbol of chic, luxury […]

Chest Coffee Table

Metal Chest Coffee Table
Rustic Chest Coffee TableWooden Chest Coffee TablePolished Oak Chest Coffee TableStorage Chest Coffee Table

Chest in the interior is a thing that is so rare and memorable that if you dream of an individual interior – make sure to get a chest! Of course, chests are different: ancient, modern, chests in the oriental style, with an opening lid or retractable shelves. Chests in the interior have been used for many years. Long time ago they served as a table, chair, storage tanks and even a bed. Gradually, they were […]