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Polyester Tablecloth Coffee Table Cover with Paint

Quite often in life there are situations when you buy a table, and after a short time, it begins to irritate you by its boring design. However, there is no need to hurry, because today there are so many products that can easily change the style of the ready-for-release coffee table. One of the ideas of updating the design of the table is the change of coffee table cover. An excellent variant of such transformation will be the decoupage of the countertop, occupying a leading position with respect to other means, since it opens the possibility of displaying an unlimited scope of fantasy with complete lack of experience in this case. Mosaic can provide a fairly small range of variation images, but the combination of different shades is sometimes that is shown in the uniqueness of the design.

Another interesting option for coffee table covers is painting. This is an interesting direction, although it requires certain skills and abilities. Finally, the easiest way to transform your coffee table is a tablecloth, which can be hand-made or factory-made. You can buy already premade or make it yourself. The tablecloth can be tied, sewn, glued. Material for it can be both traditional, such as threads, linen, paper, oilcloth, and unusual: leather, plastic, even lids from jars or cork from bottles, fastened together. Buying or manufacturing a tablecloth, it is necessary to proceed from the general style of the interior of your room.

Polyester Tablecloth Coffee Table Cover with Paint

Celebratory tablecloths can be simply elegant, and can be thematic, for example, tablecloths for New Year. There can be several of them in different colors and styles, and they can overhang by 25-40 cm. Guest (tea) tablecloths are optional, you don’t have to own them, but it is very convenient if, for example, you will be visited by a few guests who can be seated at a table in folded or folded state. Style of the interior should be kept in mind. For example, in the kitchen in the style of Provence it would be appropriate to have fabrics in polka dots or in a cage “Vichy”, plain linen, sackcloth or crocheted crochet.

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