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If you are a homeowner, then you are most likely taking great care about the comfort of your living space. And comfort doesn’t always mean your interior decorations or furniture. Often there are subtle things that complete the perception of your house, for you and for your guests. A coffee table, for an example, besides being a central piece for you daily activities and a place where you put your drinks, also serves as a platform for your most frequently used items. There are many different ideas about what to keep on top of your coffee table, but most of the time there will be books. Not just any books, but the ones that you truly enjoy and like to read several passages here and there. Books that you can proudly display to your visitors and something that will often be a start to a great conversation.

A coffee table book, most of the time is hard cover, large print and its purpose is for display in the area where you entertain your guests or spend a lot of your own time. Of course, a lot of times there are just magazines, but that would not substitute for a great coffee table book. If you really want to show off your taste then you’d probably choose philosophy, history or nature books. Something that can grab attention with its quality print and valuable contents. But there is also an added benefit, since a great coffee table book, with its magnificent cover will add to your interior design.

Best Coffee Table Book

These days the selection of coffee table books is so vast that it is simply unnecessary to list any titles here; basically it goes out of scope of this article. With so many different factors that will affect your personal choice, including taste, occupation or age there is no common suggestion that anyone can make. But for inspiration purposes there are several popular topics you may look into.

Consider interior decoration or hand crafting. Such a book besides a conversation starter can provide great insights for your future home improvements. Another great topic is wildlife and travel. An excellent example for this category would a large print illustrated book about wild cats or African savanna. Hunting and fishing, romance and drama, biographies of successful people and history and many more. Nowadays the simplest way to find a suitable coffee table book for you TV room is to use search line “coffee table books” on Amazon. Another effective Google search phrase is “top ten coffee table books”. You will find tons of suggestions, including titles and authors from many different people and eventually you will find what you’ve been looking for.

To provide that special subtle feeling of comfort, the feeling of own accomplishment in the place that you strive to make as unique as possible a set of coffee table books is an absolute must have. Not only it will bring fun and enjoyment for you, your family and your guests but will also serve as a design statement and an occasional beer coaster.

Best Coffee Table Book

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