Driftwood Coffee Table

Falmouth Driftwood Coffee Table

Until now, some villages can be found in places where located houses that seem to have come from a fairy tale. Their roofs are crowned with a wooden sculpture depicting fantastic animals or birds, and hooks for gutters are exquisite works of art created by nature itself and only slightly processed by human hand. The style of the interior, including furniture made of driftwood and logs, crafted by craftsmen, is called rustic. It is most likely that it will be in a country house, because it involves the use of large branches and massive logs, usually performed in dark tones of an old-fashioned tree. This visually reduces the size of the room and for urban apartments is suitable only in selected cases.

Depending on the place of collection of natural material, preparation for the manufacture of furniture will be different. On the seashore or lake with salt water you can pick up a soaked and dried fin. This driftwood is the best material for any crafts made of wood. Its processing consists only in cleaning from impurities and additional drying. In the water and on the shores of freshwater reservoirs, forest lakes and rivers, a drop is found. Like the fin, the wood of such snags has been treated with water, there is no bark on them, and their color differs from the color of usual dry branches. One of the varieties of the stump is a moraine oak, which has a dark wood color and is considered to be the most durable material. Sufficiently resistant to the effects of time and atmospheric phenomena will be other tree species. The mantle, extracted from the water, is dried and cleaned of silt and other contaminants.

Unique Driftwood Coffee Table

Driftwood is a natural material that will look cool in any interior and help save a budget. Furniture made from driftwood is environmentally friendly. Designers create fantastic furniture from snags. There are chairs, mirrors, shelves, tables, lamps. What is especially beautiful in snags is that they do not need to be processed. Just lay the branches in a heap, add the glass on top and get the original driftwood coffee table. A rug can become the basis for a lamp, for a stool – just put a pillow on top.

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