Fish Tank Coffee Table

Simple Fish Tank Coffee Table

Designer’s fish tank coffee table will become a real decoration of any interior. It will always be in the center of attention of guests and will serve as a completely original solution, both for the office and for the living room of a private house. This piece decorated with natural elements can become an outlet for the inhabitant of the “stone jungle”. A person can not live without air, food, water and wildlife. The fish tank coffee table is designed to fill the human need for aesthetic enjoyment of a part of the underwater world, contemplating which is equally pleasant for a cup of coffee or for a business conversation. Aquariums that simulate coffee table or bar do not require too much care. They have all the necessary equipment that will maintain optimal conditions for the life of the inhabitants of the tank fish, and also are to some extent self-cleaning biosystems.

The material for the countertop is tempered glass with faceted ends, similar to the edges of the crystal. The branch of the mangrove tree passes through the opening of the countertop, as it breaks through the asphalt, the sprout warmed by the spring sun. A simple form, reminiscent of Italian minimalism, only emphasizes the fragility and beauty of the living landscape. Japanese-style decor is very reserved, and only natural sand, large gray stones, several tropical fish on the background of mangrove branches and a couple of bushes of living plants create an excellent landscape for calm contemplation.

Fish Tank Coffee Table Design

Lovers of warm style are offered the aquarium table in a pseudo-marine style, decorated with natural black sand and white stones; it is perfectly matched by bright red aquarium fish. Naturally, the lid in the fish tank coffee table must be removable. Fasteners are easy to hide in decorative wrap, so they will not catch your eye. To ensure that the feeders do not remove the table top each time, manufacturers require technological holes, and holes must be provided for the supply of pipes, wires and other communications. All additional equipment can be hidden in the topography of the bottom and in the frame of the table.

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