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The style of “high-tech” was formed at the end of the twentieth century, and its main features, different from other styles, are the complete absence of any decor and absolute functionality. It is noteworthy that the meager decor is perfectly compensated by the play of light on all kinds of surfaces. High-tech is quite dry in its appearance, but it is urbanistic: it appeared due to the design of industrial buildings, and initially it was used exclusively in architecture. High-tech does not hide the significant functional details of the interior, for example, such as air ducts, pipes or reinforcement components. It demonstrates all the diversity and richness of the latest technologies and materials.

Led coffee table with the effect of infinity is a bright, original and memorable product that will perfectly decorate the modern interior in this style and create a unique atmosphere. At first glance, it is the most ordinary coffee table, but if you just turn on the control panel, the glass surface will glow with bright lights. If it is equipped with switching modes, you can adjust the color gamut, and the table will begin to pour in blue, yellow, red, green and purple. If you look at the table from above, you can feel the effect of infinity: it looks fascinating, especially in the dark!

Led Lighted Coffee Table

It is possible to place a table with illumination as in an office room or in a summer residence, and at home. LED lamps used in the assembly of such furniture are absolutely safe for human health, as well as for the environment. Such lamps are durable and economical, so operating a table with the effect of infinity will not lead to an increased consumption of electricity. The illusion of an infinite tunnel is created by the use of two mirror surfaces and the LEDs located between them. The colors of the lamps used can be any, but experts say that red diodes allow the tunnel to be made deeper, since red color is less inclined to dissipate than other colors.
To control the backlight, you can use the on / off button or special remote control.

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