Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Rude Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Recently, more and more people are fond of reclaimed wood furniture. After all, this is a very fascinating and creative process. In addition, it is much more pleasant to have unique interior items at home than to buy replicated furniture. We must also take into account the fact that the repair of worn out chairs and lockers is much cheaper than buying new furniture. First you need to disassemble the table, remove the table top, legs, detach the shelves and drawers. Next, you need to remove the decorative cover. Each part must be carefully sanded to bare wood. Then all the elements of the coffee table need to be inspected. If you notice traces of the vital activity of parasites or mold, then it is more reasonable to replace such element with a new one. Now the coffee table needs to be reassembled, replacing all the fasteners with new ones.

Any alteration of the coffee table begins with its painting. You can cover the entire surface with stain, then the structure of the wood will appear more clearly. Usually transparent agent or stain are used which include coloring pigments. In this way, you can give a reclaimed wood coffee table a resemblance to expensive wood species: oak, sandalwood or ebony. If you want to paint your table, then it is wiser to use acrylic paints. They quickly dry, do not leave streaks and practically do not have an unpleasant smell.

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table with Iron Frame

In combination with a table top decorated with a tiled panel, both dark and light furniture looks great. Therefore, the appearance of the reclaimed coffee table depends entirely on your taste and the general interior of the room in which you are going to use it. After painting, you can start decorating the countertop. You can try to make a mosaic cloth, decoupage the surface or cover it with an artistic painting. Reclaimed wood furniture can be transformed independently even with the help of a piece of wallpaper that has remained after the repair. This restoration will take you about 2 hours, and as a result you will get a very elegant piece of interior, made in the Art Nouveau style. Such a coffee table is difficult to find even in the salons of exclusive furniture.

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