Slate Coffee Table

Stone Slate Coffee Table

Various materials are used for countertops of coffee tables, therefore buyer sometimes have difficulties with choice of an optimum variant. While making a decision, it is necessary to proceed from the style of the living room, achieving harmony and convenience in use. Pouring concrete provides the table top with exceptional strength and durability. The use of a polymer cement mix allows the formation of smooth surface, which can later be painted in any color. In addition, with the arrangement of such a tabletop, you can show imagination, giving it the most unusual form.

Eco-friendly and practical countertop that is made of recycled wood has all the advantages of natural wood. It is beautiful, comfortable, and durable; in addition, its application allows you to make a small contribution to protecting of the environment. The cost of such table top is much lower than the price of a table top made from solid wood, and this is also an argument in favor of recycled wood. Do not think that the cork is used exclusively for wine bottles. This material becomes more and more popular day by day in our apartments. It is distinguished by its high density, strength and lightness. Stainless steel has an elegant and stylish look, but it’s not all the merits of the material. The worktops made of stainless steel are not subject to corrosion processes, and although these countertops are eventually covered with scratches and dents, careful handling will preserve their beauty for more than one year.

Natural Slate Coffee Table

Traditionally, it is considered to be a slate material for the arrangement of a roof, but the possibilities of a fine-grained stone used in the production of slate are much wider. Due to its uneven surface, the slate coffee tables look very unusual, and so these countertops will find their customers. Keep of beautiful appearance for a long time will be helped this natural feature inherent in the material; all irregularities that arise as a result of a strong impact on the slate, are barely noticeable. Care for the counter top does not require special tools – just a sponge with soap foam.

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