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Wicker furniture is used to arrange a variety of rooms including a summer kitchen with a veranda. Often it is used to create a kitchen interior, because it has many advantages that make it suitable for this room. Wicker furniture is artificial and natural interior items that are created by weaving; they are very similar in appearance. But they are different in their shortcomings and advantages. Before choosing the first or second kind, you should take into account the pros and cons of each. Rotang is a plant popular in tropical countries. It is popular due to its high strength and enviable practicality; it is often used for making woven coffee tables, chairs, armchairs.

In Europe, a willow vine is considered the most common material. Very often you can find a rocking chair and a round wicker coffee table from a willow in the interior of country houses. Products from willow rods can be considered the most budgetary option; however such furniture will not be too resistant to damage. Algae is an interesting material for weaving furniture. This marine material is unusually beautiful in the form of objects created from it, but it can not be called very durable. From it you can make a coffee table, but a chair from this material is unlikely to last long. Wicker is very effective material for creating furniture compositions, for example, couches with a sleeping place for kitchen made of bamboo are great, but because of the complexity of their creation, it is not very popular.

Rectangular Wicker Coffee Table

Synthetic “braids” are made of polymers. Thanks to the progress that has positively affected the furniture industry they look good and have a number of advantages: a relatively low price, good moisture tolerance, resistance to sunlight, strength and no need for special care. The main rule of making “wicker” in the interior – do not use these items one by one. Harmony is achieved through their combination. Another important rule – it is desirable that all the wicker details and combined in color and style. Despite the fact that they can be created from the same material, even a color difference can disrupt the balance. If there is an opportunity to purchase the whole set, it is better to do so.

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