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Small corner table is an excellent choice for a small family. It takes up as little space as possible and therefore it is perfect for the closest rooms. If your family has preschool children, then it’s time for you to think about organization of the workplace of tomorrows’ student. Corner table for writing is a good solution for small apartments, because it is very functional and compact. Such table solves the problem of unused corner space completely. In addition to the worktop, the child should have high-grade cabinets for books and notebooks and pull out table. The angular model should not have sharp corners, because the child will constantly cling to them, they should be slightly rounded. To make the shelf for books above the table look like a single unit and not as a separate element, it should also have rounded edges.

The owners of small kitchens know perfectly well that buying not all furniture can cope with the task: to make the kitchen as functional as possible. It is necessary to organize a room so that it is comfortable not only to eat food, but also to move freely while cooking it. The secret to it is to use the corners of the room properly. The most common use of the corner is installation of a soft corner with a table of triangular shape there. At the same time, a place is freed from the wall opposite to the working area; due to this the kitchen passage is always free.

Elegant Classy Corner Table

If you have two corners at once, then you can install two small corner tables in the kitchen at the same time. The design of the room will only benefit from this. Pulling the table out of the corner, you increase its area and give the possibility of placing behind it twice as many people. Corner table will harmoniously enter the interior and will change room’s geometry. Corner glass table for the kitchen in the form of a quarter of circle is very presentable. Two of its sides will be pressed against the walls, and the corner of the table will be in the corner of the kitchen. The convex part of the circle will serve as the seat of the seated people. The second sharp edge of the countertop in this construction is missing, which avoids accidental grazing. Such table top can have a triangular shape. But this slightly reduces its area.

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