Round Oak Coffee Table

Round Oak Coffee Table with X-Base

Some people believe that the wooden table top, especially at the coffee table is impractical and unreasonably expensive thing. Meanwhile, a round oak coffee table belongs to the premium segment of living room furniture. Luxury, by no means, is an antipode of functionality that a beautiful, prestigious thing can serve the owner long and securely. You can often hear that the wood is easy to scratch, cut, cobble. It is easy to object it. Firstly, a coffee table made from oak is not a cutting board. And secondly, the oak in density among other trees occupies the second place after boxwood, so you have to try hard to leave cuts on it. It is also believed that the tree rotes with time, but keep in mind, that whine is stored in barrel for a long time.

If you are afraid that insects such as woodworms can settle in the table top of your coffee table, then you should not underestimate the development of modern science. The treatment with the appropriate antiseptics guarantees full immunity from the bugs, so solid oak array will be safe. Some people do not want to deal with wood, including oak trees, because they believe that wood can swell from exposure to moisture if it is accidentally tipped to a table, for example, a glass of liquid. For some wooden surfaces, water can be an enemy, but not for an oak coffee table. Many have heard of the so-called moraine oak. This tree lies in fresh or salt water for a year, five, ten years and becomes like a stone. We assure that if you manage to purchase a countertop made of stained oak to order, then your great-grandsons will be able to enjoy and admire it.

Round Solid Oak Coffee Table

Of course, stains from food remain on the tree (coffee, tea, juices, beets, etc.). And then today’s technologies come to the rescue again. Oak table top after production and thorough grinding is covered with special varnishes or oils, which protect the surface from absorbing dyes. There is still a good reason to order the manufacture of a countertop from an array of oak, it looks very high-status and prestigious. It can not be confused with any fake. To such surface, the hand stretches itself: it wants to touch, to stroke. It delivers truly aesthetics.

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