Chest Coffee Table

Antique Chest Coffee Table

Chest in the interior is a thing that is so rare and memorable that if you dream of an individual interior – make sure to get a chest! Of course, chests are different: ancient, modern, chests in the oriental style, with an opening lid or retractable shelves. Chests in the interior have been used for many years. Long time ago they served as a table, chair, storage tanks and even a bed. Gradually, they were replaced by more capacious, horizontally placed cabinets, and they are a thing of the past. To date, the chest in the interior is able to give a zest to any room, adding a vintage mood and coziness.

Before you look for a chest, think about which room it will be in and pick it up in accordance with the style of the room. Now there are enough models from different materials in different furniture stores: artificially aged with a lot of details (more suitable for classical styles) or laconic (suitable for interior in the style of minimalism). Typically, the chest is most often found in classical interiors, with a vividly vintage note. In the low-key modern interiors, the chest is much less common. For example, chest coffee table will remarkably dilute the interior of the living room in the style of eco-minimalism.

Antique Chest Coffee Table

But it is not necessary to search for a chest in special stores. You can found one on the “grandmother’s” attic; the antique chest in the interior will look original, if you return it a decent appearance, dye it in a color that is suitable for the room or decorate with new details. You can decorate the chest with your own hands; this will give him and your apartment individuality and uniqueness. Important note: if you were lucky enough to find an antique chest for your interior, feel free to use it in retro and country styles as a storage chest coffee table.

If your chest is modern “antique” with artificial scuffs – for retrostyle it will not work, as the vintage environment will only emphasize the newly-made chest. In order to use the chest in a certain style of the room, you need to pay attention to the material from which it is made. For example, a treasure chest coffee table of silvery color or fake-gold-look can often be seen in modern glamorous interiors.

Polished Oak Chest Coffee Table

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