DIY Coffee Table

DIY Creative Coffee Table

Have you ever felt like working on a DIY project but got discouraged half way? Did it get too intense or overwhelmingly complicated? Maybe you just realized it was not worth all the effort. After all, who needs color paper decorations, giant murals or plastic bottle bird feeder? Those are the kind of things that will not only destroy your inspiration, waste valuable time and money, but will also discourage you from ever attempting a DIY project ever again. Don’t torture yourself, next time choose something that will bring some kind of result, something tangible.

Whether you’re aiming for result, decoration or fun, a DIY coffee table has all of the above. Such a project is a perfect outlet for your creativity. You will get a central furniture piece at almost no cost, as well as valuable experience that will generate more functional ideas for future DIY projects.

DIY Coffee Table with Wheels

As one famous public speaker once said, “when you’re about to speak in front of a large audience, it is better to be half naked than half prepared”. Obviously, this pattern applies to almost everything else in life. There are major steps involved in planning of any kind of endeavor, besides a DIY project. First of all, you have to gather all the necessary information, and in our age it means to google it. But that’s not all. You have to be realistic, don’t attempt a complicated, out of space design, especially if this is your first try. Plan ahead in terms of time and money, as well as necessary working space, and most importantly – tools and material. So, go online, simply type in “how to build a coffee table” and look at all the options that will help you to get inspired.

How to make a coffee table
Perhaps, right now you’re thinking: “I could just buy a coffee table and get it over with”. But you have to remember that finding the right one for you or for your home can be a bit tricky and most likely expensive. Don’t settle for factory made stuff. Home decor is all about creativity and this is your chance to shine. There are several ways you can go about it. Perhaps, the easiest one is to renew an old coffee table. Give it fresh paint or extra cabinets; add a central piece for a remote control or even an MP3 player. Remember that nowadays recycling comes easy, especially if you are environmentally conscious. Turn an old suitcase into a marvelous table top. Do you have lots of junk in the garage? Maybe an old door or even a window could serve you as a top piece. Coffee tables can be made out of many things: an old mirror, broken laptop, wooden crates, fish tank, and paper waste basket. And if you are really serious about it, you can visit a hardware store and get all the new material that you need. Such coffee tables can be very functional and include extra cabinets for storage, electrical outlets, wiring channels for computers and tablets and even a mini bar. Just make sure to work it into your budget when planning.

Job well done
Planning is the essential part of any DIY. Did you remember to plan ahead or did you end up with a fancy bird feeder? Don’t rush and make realistic goals. Enjoy your time working with your hands and being creative. There are no rules and you set the standard. After all, all of the great inventions and big ideas took root in someone’s personal DIY project. Sit back and enjoy what you have accomplished.

DIY Simple Wooden Coffee Table

12 Photos of the DIY Coffee Table

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