Restoration Hardware Coffee Table

Wooden Restoration Hardware Coffee Table

Restoration hardware coffee table, if it is still functional is easily turned into a new one. The result can even surpass your expectations, because the new table will be brighter, more original and, most importantly, it will charge you with positive with your creativity. Stock up with inspiration, simple materials and forward, embody ideas! Painting is one of the fastest and most spectacular techniques in the decoration of furniture. To make it more interesting, you can make the table striped. Paint tape helps to execute the job: paint the table in the main color, and then paste the strips of tape and overlay a couple of layers of a different color. Unpick the adhesive tape – the effect is ready. You can repeat it many times to make strips of different colors and widths. Do not forget to cover everything with varnish for reliability. In the same way, you can create zigzags, for example.

A table that is painted with a special slate will be laconic black or dark green. But now you could leave notes and draw chalk right on the table. And now it is much more convenient to play board games, where you have to write down glasses! The table itself can serve as a field for crosses-toes or gallows. The film can also be not simple, but slate or even with the effect of a white marker board. Above the table with a pattern of triangular pieces of film, will have to tinker for a while, but the result will be very stylish!

Polished Restoration Hardware Coffee Table

Restoration hardware coffee tables can be done not only with the help of painting. Lines of decorative tape or tape of different colors and patterns make the table bright, shiny and elegant. This is perfect for a nursery and it adds a touch of mischief to an adult interior. Ceramic tiles or mosaic will make the countertop not only beautiful, but also very practical, because the tile is not afraid of moisture and easy to care of. The principle is the same as with walls: tile glue plus grout. You can take a whole tile, and you can beat for the effect of the Spanish mosaic. Choose your favorite book and give it a second life: glue each page to the table using PVA glue. Several layers of varnish (better of a can) will make the surface smooth. A good idea is to take pages from the dictionary or music sheets.

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