Driftwood Coffee Table

Wonderful Driftwood Coffee Table
Driftwood Coffee Table with Glass TopDriftwood Coffee Table BaseShaped Driftwood Coffee TableOriginal Driftwood Coffee Table

Until now, some villages can be found in places where located houses that seem to have come from a fairy tale. Their roofs are crowned with a wooden sculpture depicting fantastic animals or birds, and hooks for gutters are exquisite works of art created by nature itself and only slightly processed by human hand. The style of the interior, including furniture made of driftwood and logs, crafted by craftsmen, is called rustic. It is most […]

Teak Coffee Table

Square Teak Coffee Table Design
Elegant Teak Coffee TableTeak Coffee Table IdeaSolid Wood Teak Coffee TableStylish Contemporary Teak Coffee Table

Teak furniture is a real work of art designed to decorate our homes, gardens and park areas, designed to give us joy and synthesize the rays of the hot sun of Asia (teak grows in the South and South-East parts of Asia). Most teak furniture is made by hand craftsmen who passed their knowledge from generation to generation, improving them and honing them. The brown color of the teak has a delightful structure, while it […]

Folding Coffee Table

Tiny Folding Coffee Tables Design
Convertable Folding Coffee TableFolding Coffee Table IdeaTiny Folding Coffee Tables DesignFolding Coffee Table Ikea

Folding coffee table is a stylish representative of a practical generation of home furniture with enhanced functionality. The first examples of this invention appeared in the Middle Ages, although they were very remotely similar to modern furniture. The very first folding coffee table-transformer was created by designer Eileen Gray in the middle of the last century. Her offspring could only increase its height; later more multifunctional models have appeared. On sale you can find furniture […]

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Rude Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table
Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table with Iron FrameRustic Style Reclaimed Wood Coffee TableDouble Reclaimed Wood Coffee TableSquare Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Recently, more and more people are fond of reclaimed wood furniture. After all, this is a very fascinating and creative process. In addition, it is much more pleasant to have unique interior items at home than to buy replicated furniture. We must also take into account the fact that the repair of worn out chairs and lockers is much cheaper than buying new furniture. First you need to disassemble the table, remove the table top, […]

Led Coffee Table

Contemporary Led Coffee Table
Bright Led Coffee TableContemporary Led Coffee TableLumen Led Coffee Table SetPink Led Coffee Table

The style of “high-tech” was formed at the end of the twentieth century, and its main features, different from other styles, are the complete absence of any decor and absolute functionality. It is noteworthy that the meager decor is perfectly compensated by the play of light on all kinds of surfaces. High-tech is quite dry in its appearance, but it is urbanistic: it appeared due to the design of industrial buildings, and initially it was […]

Wicker Coffee Table

Round Wicker Coffee Table
Rectangular Wicker Coffee TableCool Wicker Coffee TableWicker Coffee Table with Glass TopOutdoor Wicker Coffee Table

Wicker furniture is used to arrange a variety of rooms including a summer kitchen with a veranda. Often it is used to create a kitchen interior, because it has many advantages that make it suitable for this room. Wicker furniture is artificial and natural interior items that are created by weaving; they are very similar in appearance. But they are different in their shortcomings and advantages. Before choosing the first or second kind, you should […]

Aquarium Coffee Table

Aquarium Coffee Table Idea
DIY Aquarium Coffee TableAmazing Aquarium Coffee TableRound Aquarium Coffee TableAquarium Coffee Table Design

The appearance of new types of impact-resistant tempered glass and transparent polymers allows designers to create amazing types of furniture for the interior. Manufacturers of aquariums did not ignore the progress. Now it is not necessary to hide the vessel with the fish in the corner on the curb or install it along the wall. You can view the picturesque underwater world right in the middle of the room if you buy for your home […]

Contemporary Coffee Table

Square Rotating Contemporary Coffee Table
Round Contemporary Coffee TableContemporary Coffee Table FurnitureContemporary Coffee Table for Modern InteriorModern Contemporary Coffee Table

In the middle of the twentieth century contemporary style has ascended to the pedestal of popularity and has won admirers in many countries. The term contemporary is used by designers for any style, devoid of explicit membership in the past, but invisibly reminiscent of it. This current style is not traditional, but it meets the requirements of comfort, functionality, simplicity and accessibility. Contemporary style in the interior does not fit into the framework of modern […]

Restoration Hardware Coffee Table

Wooden Restoration Hardware Coffee Table
Oval Restoration Hardware Coffee TableDIY Restoration Hardware Coffee TableStrict Restoration Hardware Coffee TableRestoration Hardware Balustrade Coffee Table

Restoration hardware coffee table, if it is still functional is easily turned into a new one. The result can even surpass your expectations, because the new table will be brighter, more original and, most importantly, it will charge you with positive with your creativity. Stock up with inspiration, simple materials and forward, embody ideas! Painting is one of the fastest and most spectacular techniques in the decoration of furniture. To make it more interesting, you […]

Fish Tank Coffee Table

Rectangular Fish Tank Coffee Table
Fish Tank Coffee Table DesignDIY Fish Tank Coffee TableShaped Fish Tank Coffee TableSquare Fish Tank Coffee Table

Designer’s fish tank coffee table will become a real decoration of any interior. It will always be in the center of attention of guests and will serve as a completely original solution, both for the office and for the living room of a private house. This piece decorated with natural elements can become an outlet for the inhabitant of the “stone jungle”. A person can not live without air, food, water and wildlife. The fish […]