Leather Ottoman Coffee Table

Charming Leather Ottoman Coffee Table
Strict Leather Ottoman Coffee TableCharming Leather Ottoman Coffee TableBeautiful Leather Ottoman Coffee TableUpholstered Leather Ottoman Coffee Table

Many people know that an ottoman is a universal piece of furniture of various sizes and volumes. It can be integrated into any style of decor (from romantic to modern) and delight you with its extraordinariness every day. Modern design concepts imply the use of a traditional puff as an original table. Most often furniture of this format is supplemented by modular “designers”. Such a semblance of a coffee table will effectively complement the living […]

Coffee Table with Storage

Trunk Coffee Table with Storage
Unique Coffee Table with StorageLarge Square Coffee Table with StorageBlack Coffee Table with Storage DrawersCoffee Table with Storage Drawer

It is impossible to imagine the interior of a living room, hallway or bedroom without such small pieces of furniture as a puff, coffee table or a banquet. All of them belong to the same kind of furniture and differ from each other very little. Multifunctional furniture is like a person who is well-bred and developed versatile. It perfectly performs its direct duties with the ability to take on the secondary functions without delay, is […]

Coffee Table Cover

Gorgeous Crochet Pattern Tablecloth Coffee Table Cover
Elegant Runner Coffee Table CoverPlastic Coffee Table CoverPolyester Tablecloth Coffee Table Cover with PaintUnique Coffee Table Cover

Quite often in life there are situations when you buy a table, and after a short time, it begins to irritate you by its boring design. However, there is no need to hurry, because today there are so many products that can easily change the style of the ready-for-release coffee table. One of the ideas of updating the design of the table is the change of coffee table cover. An excellent variant of such transformation […]

Corner Table

Rustic Shopping Bag Corner Table
Terrel Teak Outdoor Corner TableCherry Corner TableRustic Shopping Bag Corner TableElegant Classy Corner Table

Small corner table is an excellent choice for a small family. It takes up as little space as possible and therefore it is perfect for the closest rooms. If your family has preschool children, then it’s time for you to think about organization of the workplace of tomorrows’ student. Corner table for writing is a good solution for small apartments, because it is very functional and compact. Such table solves the problem of unused corner […]

Lucite Coffee Table

Lucite Coffee Table with Storage
Round Lucite Coffee TableShaped Lucite Coffee TableBrass and Lucite Coffee TableUnique Lucite Coffee Table

Lucite is crystal clear plastic, acrylic resin, one of the varieties of thermosetting plastics. The brand Lucite was developed by DuPont in 1937. Lucite began to be used to produce jewelry in the 1940s. It received the trade name Plexiglas, or Lucite. High quality and characteristic appearance of acrylic fillings is the original way of displaying company names and logos. Valuable, unique samples of minerals, samples of botanical or pathological nature are often enclosed in […]

Round Oak Coffee Table

Creative Round Oak Coffee Table
Stylish Round Oak Coffee TableRound Oak Coffee Table with Open ShelfRound Oak Coffee Table DesignRound Polished Oak Coffee Table

Some people believe that the wooden table top, especially at the coffee table is impractical and unreasonably expensive thing. Meanwhile, a round oak coffee table belongs to the premium segment of living room furniture. Luxury, by no means, is an antipode of functionality that a beautiful, prestigious thing can serve the owner long and securely. You can often hear that the wood is easy to scratch, cut, cobble. It is easy to object it. Firstly, […]

Marble Coffee Table

Round Marble Coffee Table
Faux Marble Coffee TableMarble Top Coffee TableSpecial Marble Coffee TableMarble Coffee Table Transformer

Coffee table made of natural stone is a magnificent furniture composition that has survived to this day as part of the luxurious palace interiors. To create exquisite and simultaneously monumental pieces of furniture, various stone rocks are used, but natural materials such as marble, granite, onyx and Jurassic marble are the most popular. The result of such an extraordinary approach is magnificent author’s coffee tables for home and office. Marble is a material with great […]

Acrylic Coffee Table

Simple Acrylic Coffee Table
Creative Acrylic Coffee TableSquare Acrylic Coffee TableClear Acrylic Coffee Table DesignWonderful Acrylic Coffee Table

Furniture made of acrylic (plexiglass) has two significant advantages. Firstly, furniture made of transparent material visually does not clutter up space, lets in light and looks much lighter than usual. Secondly, furniture made of acrylic harmoniously fits into the interior in almost any style. Whether the room is decorated in a laconic Scandinavian style, richly decorated east or brutal loft, pieces of furniture with acrylic accessories will look very appropriate in any case. Everything is […]

Slate Coffee Table

Slate Coffee Table with Wooden Base
Beautiful Slate Coffee TableStylish Slate Coffee TableOriginal Slate Coffee TableSpecial Slate Coffee Table

Various materials are used for countertops of coffee tables, therefore buyer sometimes have difficulties with choice of an optimum variant. While making a decision, it is necessary to proceed from the style of the living room, achieving harmony and convenience in use. Pouring concrete provides the table top with exceptional strength and durability. The use of a polymer cement mix allows the formation of smooth surface, which can later be painted in any color. In […]

Coffee Table with Seating

Round Coffee Table with Seating
Modern Coffee Table with SeatingLeather Coffee Table with SeatingUnique Coffee Table with SeatingSimple Coffee Table with Seating

The main advantage of the coffee table with seating is mobility. Today it can stand next to the sofa, tomorrow – in the nursery, the day after tomorrow – in the bedroom. In addition, coffee table with seating is not heavy; it can be moved even by a child. Separate corner is required for an armchair, and there is a place for a pouf even in a small apartment. It’s convenient to put your feet […]