Engine Block Coffee Table

Engine Block Coffee Table for Living Room

It is unimaginable what some people are ready to do to re-use household items that are not able to perform its main function. With a rich imagination and skilled hands amazing items can appear, and things take on a second life. If you are a big fan of cars and everything that is connected with the car, the engine block coffee table, which you collect yourself is an ideal subject of the interior of your apartment.

V-engine for the engine coffee table does not have to be in good condition. Specifically, it is even better if it is defective. First, acquisition of such an engine will cost you less, and secondary, there is no need to take the defective unit, which can still serve any motorist to still his “mess”. If you have right engine that is just lying around in the garage, it is excellent. If it is not available, but the idea has captured you and does not rest, the engine will need to be purchased. This can be done in the car repair on dismantling vehicles, and you can look for a suitable item on the Internet, at auctions, where it can be purchased for mere pennies. Launder, clean your purchase of rust, paint and dried.

Cool Engine Block Coffee Table

Screw the upper connecting rod bolts into the holes on the mounting cylinder heads. This variant matches the thread and does not give you unnecessary trouble. Bottom breaker rods should be aligned to the level and secured. This is best done by welding. For decorative purposes attach a small sprocket (with the bolt of the desired diameter) on the front side of the future engine block coffee table and hang it on a chain. It’s time to cover the construction of a glass top. Decide on the size of the glass and make it in the studio or make yourself. Its angles may be beveled or rounded, but it is advisable for security reasons, do not leave too much hanging “wings”. So it is time to enjoy the fruits of your labor with a glass of good wine, especially because the engine block coffee table design allows you to use it as a handy mini bar.

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