Fold out Coffee Table

Ingenious Fold Out Coffee Table

It is possible to solve lack of space problem in standard apartment by usage of multipurpose furniture. Tables-transformers for living room or kitchen, which allow getting a high-grade dining table, have already firmly taken their place in the interior of the city apartments. The coffee tables-transformers in their functions and purposes can be divided into several types. The fold out coffee table is hardly noticeable; when it is folded, it occupies a minimum of the area. It is traditionally placed somewhere in the sofa-chair area, performing its traditional functions of coffee table. But when it is unfolded, it turns into a full-fledged dining table. Behind it 6-8 people can comfortably be accommodated, so there is no need to be crowded in the kitchen. In that case, the coffee table-transformer, depending on chosen model, can grow (transform) simultaneously both in width, in length, and height.

If coffee table is planned to be used as a workplace, then in that case there is no need for table top change its shape. Most often, coffee table is fold out in the style of a desk – only the top rises, revealing a box used to store office stuff – paper, staples, notebooks, etc. It is important that table is comfortable for work, so it should have proper height. Conveniently, if the mechanism allows you to fix the height in two or three levels – then you can work as if you were sitting on a chair, or a couch.

Fold out Coffee Table Furniture

The internal filling of such a “working” fold out coffee table can be quite rich – niches, shelves, boxes. This is the exact embodiment of the modern concept of transformable furniture – mobility, lightness, compactness, so such furniture is ready not only to change its functional purpose, but also to cope with new challenges in a qualitative and efficient manner at any time. Coffee table storage system would be an interesting option. Such table consists of a table top and several boxes that are pushed out by rotation around a common axis. In this case, you can advance a separate box and open all the boxes at the same time.

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