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Folding coffee table is a stylish representative of a practical generation of home furniture with enhanced functionality. The first examples of this invention appeared in the Middle Ages, although they were very remotely similar to modern furniture. The very first folding coffee table-transformer was created by designer Eileen Gray in the middle of the last century. Her offspring could only increase its height; later more multifunctional models have appeared. On sale you can find furniture of two types: stationary and compact models. Stationary tables have a certain place in the room and are used assembled for their intended purpose. If necessary, their height increases. After the transformation of the tabletop, the number of seats increases. The shape of such products can vary. With the help of all possible inserts, the table top gets the most unexpected configurations.

Most owners of small apartments prefer to buy a folding coffee table in a compact design. Such furniture occupies a minimum of free space, but it is impossible to use it in the folded state. A vivid example is a folding coffee table-book. In assembled form it resembles a small curbstone, on which you can put only a vase of flowers. In the decomposed form, it performs all the functions of a full-fledged table. The journal folding table is designed for rapid transformation, which turns compact low furniture into a full-fledged working or dining table. There are two options for changing the height of furniture.

The mechanical design assumes a certain angle of fixation of the support legs inside the table. When the fixing angle is changed, the height of the countertop with adapt to the floor changes. Modern models are equipped with pneumatic mechanisms, which raise the table top on special supports. The process of transformation is quick and easy, additional efforts are not required. The journal folding table-transformer, which can be bought in any furniture salon, can be made of different materials. The most commonly used plywood, laminated chipboard or natural wood. Glass, metal, and plastic are used as add-ons and decor. It is extremely rare to see a table made entirely of metal or plastic.

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